by Stephan Schmatz

GDR in 1/87 – Part 10: Trabant Universal

Hanoverian Foal by Schleich

Austin Mini Van by Hot Wheels

Nissan 180 SX by Hot Wheels

Crossley Delivery Truck by Matchbox Models of Yesteryear

Dacia Duster by Norev

Puffin by Schleich

Tuk-Tuk by Matchbox

GDR in 1/87 – Part 9: IFA W50

Chevrolet Corvette C7 by Hot Wheels

Icelandic Foal by Schleich

Free paper diorama “Race track”

Renault Kangoo “DHL” by Majorette

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter German Police by Siku

Citroën C-ZERO by Norev

Ford Fiesta Mk. 7 by Hot Wheels

Renault AG by Matchbox Models of Yesteryear

GDR in 1/87 – Part 8: Trabant Kübelwagen

Free paper diorama “Workshop”

SAAB 96 by Editions Atlas

GDR in 1/87 – Part 7: Trabant P50

Free paper diorama “Containers”

Puch 250 SG with sidecar “ÖAMTC” by ClassiXXs

Tesla Model S by Hot Wheels


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