This free paper diorama shows a row of garages that are typical for the former German Democratic Republic. In the communist country that existed until 1990, almost everyone had such a simple built garage. Cars have been rare and you had to wait more than a decade (!) for a new car like a “Trabant” or “Wartburg”. So everyone who had a car took a lot of care of it.

Today, many of these garages still exist. You can rent them for only some Euro per month – and many people rent one garage for the car and maybe one or even two or three for the storage of other things.

Behind the garages you can see the churches of Wismar, a beautiful town in Mecklenburg at the Baltic Sea. A town that also belonged to the GDR.

So, enought said. Now print out the diorama, glue it together and use it for taking photographs of your modelcars. Of course, this diorama is especially good for taking photos of Trabants and Wartburgs…

Download PDF (~1.4 MB)

By the way: If you are in Wismar (UNESCO World Cultural Heritage!) – don’t try to find these garages. The garages, the sky, even the street – everything is photoshopped together.

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