ModellBauGruppe Ottakring

The “ModellBauGruppe Ottakring” is a group of 16 model railway enthusiasts that joined together in 1992. In Ottakring, a district of Austria’s capital Vienna, they operate a model railway in two rooms. One room represents Austria and shows a rural scenery in an alpine region, including a cable car.

The second room represents Germany. There you’ll find a town with tramways, a big train station, big houses and the Berlin S-Bahn.

The completely analog model railway is opened to public once a months, currently on every first Sunday of a month from 2 to 6 PM, but since this might change, I kindly ask you to visit their website before you visit them.

It is a very nice model railway with a lot of Austrian trains and nice people are going to welcome you. Entrance is free but donations are of course welcome.

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