The “Königreich der Eisenbahnen” (“kingdom of trains”) is one of the newest attraction in the “Prater”, an amusement park in Vienna, Austria’s capital city.

The model train layout shows a model of Vienna in scale 1/87 (H0). The whole model train layout is more or less one big square that can be accessed from 3 sides. To be able to see as much as possible everything is in the height of your knees. That’s different to most of the other model train layouts that you can visit, where everything is usually arranged “in lines” and in approximately one meters height.

The model of Vienna is reduced to the most important buildings. Still, everything is (almost) in the right part of the city. It’s quite nice but I have to admit that a little bit more “action” (more trains, more cars, more figures) would be nice.

In addition you can find Lego and Lego Duplo cities exhibited. That seems to be made without love at all. Almost no baseplates, no figures,… Sorry, but that’s boring. Not boring was the RC car circuit. The Sylvanian Families houses and landscaped exhibited are quite nice. There is also a (real) tramway in that you can take place. That’s also nice and nice for taking photos. Also a BRIO train layout can be found and you can also build BRIO train layouts there.

Finally, there is also a shop and this was probably the biggest disappointment. Besides not even 10 Czechoslovakian (yes, they were that old!) model kits and some SIKU models they sell only cheap rubbish and nothing that you can use for your own model train layout.

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