Nativity scenes are very popular in Austria, especially in the Alpine regions and of course especially around Christmas. Mechanical nativity scenes are something very rare – you will find only a few of them in Austria. One of them is in Maria Taferl, a pilgrimage site in Lower Austria.

The nativity scene was built in 1892 and is one of the oldest and biggest mechanical nativity scenes. 300 different figures not only show the birth of Jesus Christ, but also the history of Maria Taferl. It shows craftsmen at work as well as rural scenes. A audio tape informs about the history of Maria Taferl and the nativity scene. I have not found any source about the exact scale, I would guess it is something aroound 1/30.

Since 2001, also the “technology” behind the nativity scene is visible.

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I also created a video that you can watch on YouTube!