The Christkind (German for “Christ-child”) is the traditional Christmas gift-bringer in Austria, Switzerland and some parts of Germany as well as some other countries.

Depending on the area, the Christkind is either Jesus Christ as child or some kind of angel.

Christkindl (a diminiuitive form of Christkind) is also the name of a part of the city of Steyr in Upper Austria.

In Christkindl you can find a famous church with a statue of Jesus as a child.

Another attraction of Christkindl is the temporary Post Office that is opened only around Christmas and issues a special postmark every year. Thousands of people visit this post office every year so that their Christmas greetings bear this special postmark that is very sought after among philatelists.

In the priest’s office of Christkindl you can find two very famous nativity scenes. The first one in the ground floor is a mechanic nativity scene that has been built by Karl Klauda (1855-1939) between 1899 and 1939. It has more than 300 figures carved from linden wood and shows various scenes from the Holy Bible, from Adam and Eve until the birth of Jesus Christ.

The other one is the “Pöttmesser-Krippe” in the upper floor. It covers an incredible size of 58 square meters and has more than 700 figures carved by the famous carver Ferdinand Pöttmesser (1895-1977) who lived in South Tyrol.

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