As we live in Wachau valley, a wine growing region, we also wanted to have two wine cellers in our model train layout. First I created the doors, windows and the basic forms on my PC.

If you want to create such wine cellars as well, feel free to download the template for the wine cellars in H0 scale here.

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I cut out the two cellars and glued them on stable carton (approx. 1 mm thick).

Then I cut out the carton and turned it around.

In the next step I cut out the doors and windows.

I want to light the wine cellars from the inside so I glued both doors on black paper (approx. 160 g/m²) so that no light will come through the doors.

I cut out the windows as well and glued them on transparent plastic. For that I just took some plastic from a packaging of a Matchbox car.

Then I painted the carton with opaque white, respectively blue water colour mixed with opaque white.

In the next step I glued the doors and windows on the backside.

Then the front sides of the cellars were finished.

After that I created the backside construction. Since only the front should be visible, the backside construction just had to be stable. It was not necessary to make it beautiful. But I had to use wood for this construction because paper would probably suck the water from the gypsum I used in one of the next steps.

Then I placed everyting on the model train layout and already placed a LED in it.

Then it was time to create the “hill” above the wine cellars. For that I used gypsum. Later I used filler for working out the details.

When the filler was dry I first painted everything with ground coat, and then with brown acrylic colour. I mixed some brown that should look like the loess in our area. Finally I put scatter grass from NOCH on top of the hill and positioned two street lights in front of them.

Some days later I built a wine press with matches, a disposable chopstick, a round wooden stick and a flat stick that I guess was intended for lollipops.

Finally I built this round concrete basement with filler. I used a drinking straw as mold. After everything was dry, I placed it in our model train layout next to the wine cellars. The autumn tress are from Noch and so are the autumn leafs.