Author: Stephan Schmatz

ModellBauGruppe Ottakring in Vienna

The “ModellBauGruppe Ottakring” is a group of 16 model railway enthusiasts that joined together in 1992. In Ottakring, a district of Austria’s capital Vienna, they operate a model railway in two rooms. One room represents Austria and shows a rural scenery in an alpine region, including a cable car.

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Free Paper Diorama “Garages in Wismar, former GDR”

This free paper diorama shows a row of garages that are typical for the former German Democratic Republic. In the communist country that existed until 1990, almost everyone had such a simple built garage. Cars have been rare and you had to wait more than a decade (!) for a new car like a “Trabant” or “Wartburg”. So everyone who had a car took a lot of care of it.

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